General Information

The region of Chania is located west of the island of Crete and covers about 2400 square kilometers of area. Its beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, lagoons with Caribbean flavors like Elafonissi, the many picturesque villages, important archaeological sites and the splendid city of Chania, make it one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world.

How to reach Chania

Chania has its own airport located on the Akrotiri peninsula, which welcomes millions of tourists every year. The major companies flying to are:

Domestic airlines: Aegean and Olympic Air
International airlines: Swiss and Lufthansa
The low-cost airline: Ryanair
These airlines allow joining Chania with direct flights from major European cities. Also in Crete, are the airports of Heraklion and Sitia. Heraklion airport is at a distance of 145 km from the city of Chania and major companies whose flights are:

Domestic airlines: Aegean and Olympic Air
International airlines: Lufthansa and Air France
The low-cost airline: Easyjet

Sitia Airport is located east of Crete, 272 km from Chania. Here landed primarily the two national airlines Aegean and Olympic Air. For those wishing to reach Chania by boat, the tourist and commercial port of Souda is connected with the port of Piraeus every day thanks to shipping companies:
Blue Star Ferries and Anek Lines
Other major ports of Crete are those of Rethymno (64 km) and Heraklion (144 km).

How to move in Chania

The prefecture of Chania is very large, the northern part is well served by a small road network, while the south has narrow, winding roads and travel from one city to the others is more difficult. To go over small distances a scooter or a bicycle should suffice, but for those wishing to visit the region it is recommended to take a car, a motorcycle (only on major roads), the public transport network Ktel that works very well and allowing you to reach all places or taxi service. In addition, some parts of the south are connected by maritime transport (ferries and hydrofoils) of Anendyk company.


The district of Chania, like the entire island of Crete has a mild climate. In winter, the rains are not very common and temperatures range from 8 ° to 17 °. Summer is very hot, temperatures reach 40 degrees, but remains pleasant, thanks to winds that blow on the island. Spring and autumn offer beautiful days with temperatures up to 30 °

Useful phone numbers

Police: (0030) 28210 25700
Tourist Police: (0030) 28210 25931
Emergencies: 100
Hospital: (0030) 28210 22000
Ambulance: 166
Fire brigade: 199
Airport: (0030) 28210 63171
Port: (0030) 28210 89240
Tourist information: (0030) 28210 36155

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